B-I-N-G-O is a StressBuster

Bingo Was His Name

Is there a secret strategy to eliminating stress, anxiety and test-angst
in under two-minutes?

Most adults tell us the stress strategy is not for them but their friend
or child but our research indicates it works equally well for those
six to eighty-six years old.

It begins with a scientific understanding of depression, fear and worry, producing
chronic stress. Your left-brain (neo-cortex) cannot produce stress, only your right-
brain has the structures (amygdala, brain-stem and Sympathetic Nervous System). The Fight-or-Flight syndrome (adrenaline) is active 24/7 for residents of the Information Economy, producing stress and frightening mental-imagery.

Call me Bingo

Let us give the anti-stress secret a name for easy associative recall. The secret name for your new power is called the Bingo-Switcheroo. From this moment whenever you say or even think of the expression Bingo-Switcheroo, your right-hemisphere
immediately comes to a grinding screeching halt, and is censored and inhibited.

The specific strategy is revealed below.

Simultaneously your left-brain is given a field promotion to commander-in-chief and fully dominates all the activities and behaviors produced by your 3-pound coconut until you decide otherwise.

Wait, too fast. Stress, anxiety and test-angst are products of your feelings
and emotions. Specifically your Amygdala, Parieto-Insula Cortex and
Anterior Cingular Cortex.

After Bingo-Switcheroo occurs logical analysis and a positive state of mind is
produced by your left-hemisphere; it is directed by your Prefrontal-Cortex and Orbito-Frontal Cortex. Its first activity is to wipe off negativity and chronic-stress from your mental screen and substitute relaxation (acetylcholine) and peace of mind.

How Come?

Forget those scientific terms and remember stress, fear and test-angst originate and maintain their power over you exclusively through your right-hemisphere (brain).

Profound Fact: Feelings follow imagery. Your mental-movies create and maintain
your feelings.

Hold it. If you change your brain channel from horror movie to comedy or
chick-flick, your stressful (frightening) emotions switch off within two-minutes.
It is all about your volition (choice) – will power.

Imprint this on your mind. Your left-hemisphere (brain) is responsible for order, logic and reason (math). It does not have the capacity or structures for manufacturing depression or stress.


You can choose to move away from stress anytime you want by flipping your
switch from righty to lefty (hemispheres). Your left-brain is incapable of
producing stress or depression. It requires just two-minutes, and without the necessity of drugs and their side effects.

The secret of success is owning a kid song with words and rhythm you can instantly produce aloud or silently. This song with its simple phrases and beat can jam the signal from your right-brain. Without the right-brain neuronal signal (canceled) all frightening mental-movies turn to dust and you revert to left-brain domination.

Concentration consists of attention and intention and moves you into-the-flow,
also known as in-the-zone. Instead of stress and depression you enter into
Peak-Experiences. It is based on your choice to switch hemispheres.

These acts of attention and concentration do two things. First, you change your biochemistry and second, reduce your brainwave rhythms. Both are scientifically measurable by fMRI and EEG.